We believe that beauty will save the world.
We believe that love conquers all. Always.
We believe that freedom lies in choices made with passion. Even the smallest.
We believe that each wedding is a spell that lasts a lifetime

Wendy -  Wedding Fairies


She has been chasing creativity and imagination by organizing live action role-playing games since 2002.
Living in London for a while helped her develop a cosmopolitan spirit and intensified her natural versatility.
Curious as a cat, she loves discovering new styles and trends and she’s always ready to embark upon new adventures.

"I believe in the pursuit of happiness, and use my heart and empathy to make the wishes of the soon-to-be-weds come true, always using a pinch of irony.


Born and raised in Provence and with years of experience in the organisation of cultural events (Festival Off d’Avignon), she decides to devote her creative talents in the field of Event Management to the project Wedding Fairies.
With her sweet and careful disposition, she uses her talent to solve any situation.

“My special gift is to be able to understand the spouses’ personality to design with them every detail of their big day”

Marion - Wedding Fairies

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