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5 Very Good Reasons to Get Married in Italy

It’s been a few years now since Bologna began to be an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples who wish to marry in Italy. Is it maybe because the capital of Emilia-Romagna has very little to envy to the most renowned Italian destinations? Obviously yes: history, architecture, beauty and culture dominate every view of its medieval streets; between the dazzling magnificence of Piazza Maggiore and the serene intimacy of Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna is definitely the perfect place for those who dream of a romantic and original destination wedding.
But there’s some more, Bologna has something special and unique which is literally irresistible to those who choose it as the setting of their wedding.
Your fairies call it the 5 very good reasons to get married in Bologna!

The 7 Best Romcoms to Watch (and Rewatch) This Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us and so we slowly plunge ourselves into that ethereal atmosphere of lights and childhood memories that’s so good for the heart. In this time of family celebrations we are seized by a strange laziness (well, Christmas food binges help a lot!) so what is the best way to relax? But of course, lie down on the couch and be embraced by a sweet, sickly sweet, totally schmaltzy romantic comedy!

6 Useful Tips To Choose The Theme Of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never an easy task (you wouldn’t need to hire a wedding planner, then!), at stake are the desires and expectations of many people beyond the weds-to-be (like your future mother-in-law!). So how can you make the job easier? The best solution is to choose a powerful tquestion-markheme so that your inner style will resonate throughout the whole wedding and, what’s most important, all the elements of  the event, from the stationary to the table setting, will be harmoniously blended together by a common thread.
Well, easy-peasy so far, but now comes the hard part: how do I choose the theme of my wedding? How can I make up my mind among so many ideas, trends and suggestions? If you follow these useful tips you will find out that the job might be easy as pie and even fun!

Italy: Where Celebrities Love to Get Married!

Italy is definitely a special place; for centuries it has attracted visitors from around the world to admire its wonders. Will it be to enjoy its spectacular attractions if more and more celebrities are choosing to get married in the Boot?
From North to South, let’s see who are the famous couples who chose some of the dreamiest wedding venues around Italy!

6 Precious Rules to Survive Your Mother-In-Law (During Your Wedding Preparation)

Ah, the mother-in-law, this dangerous mammal who roams about marriages spreading panic! Is there a way to protect ourselves from her clutches?
Of course there is and your lil fairies are ready to reveal 6 precious rules to survive your mother-in-law to be during the organization of your wedding. Yes, because, dear brides-to-be, you’ll have to be beautiful and relaxed on your most important day, not at all hysterical or with a knife between your teeth!

6 Simple Ideas for a Deliciously Boho-Chic Table Plan

Do you love romantic, soft, dreamy, and suspended in time atmospheres? Well, it’s no surprise then if you have chosen the boho-chic theme for your wedding!
Between the artistically bohemian and the culturally neo-hippie, the boho-chic design is now trending in weddings because it’s particularly suitable to many setting solutions: from a genuine country look to some metropolitan Green Philosophy, from a refined vintage taste to more bluntly bucolic and popular suggestions.
The table plan is usually that element of the wedding where brides and grooms can express their imagination and taste more freely. It’s an extravagant idea that turns into a friendly welcome to guests and accompanies them throughout the banquet. But which one shall we choose among dozens of boho-chic themes?
No need to fear, here’s a targeted selection of
6 simple ideas which both bride and groom will surely agree on:

Spotlight on Hands: The Latest Nail Art Trends for Brides, Bridesmaids and Invites

Dear Princesses,

The wedding season is finally in full swing, are you sure you took care of every detail to be the most beautiful of them all? In our previous posts we talked about the look of our fairy feet and luscious hair, it’s time to finally focus our attention to the most sensual and delicate part of the female body: the hands. Always in the limelight, they are our business card. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or simply an invite, keeping them neat and beautiful for a wedding is a must!

How to Handle Kids at Weddings: the Tips of a Supermom!

Ah, Summer! Time to relax, time for holidays and… weddings!

With the arrival of the warmest season, weddings of friends and family members are a fixture to which one mustn’t arrive unprepared. Normally you would just think about your look and accessories and you’re done, you’re ready to toast

5 Trendy Wedding Hairstyles For 2016

Dear brides looking for beauty tips,

Are you undecided about the hairstyle for your wedding day? This post on the trends for 2016 will certainly help you not to lose your head about it! Before we begin, here are three very important suggestions that will simplify the hard task of choosing your look.