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Say Yes to a Valentine’s Day Wedding!

Dear little Soon-to-be-weds of my heart,

You haven’t been able to resist the temptation to promise to love each other forever and ever in the most romantic day of the year, have you? And now you are looking far and wide for tips and creative ideas to transform Valentine’s Day into your own special and memorable day. Well, you happen to be in the right place because we ooze creativity and can’t wait to share some with you!

Why Marry Abroad? Because the World is a Big Weddingland!

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Has your dream always been to marry in that ancient Romanesque church a few kilometres from your birthplace and close to that pretty organic farm surrounded by centuries-old olive trees?


This post is not for you.destination wedding wedding favours

Neither is it for those of you who already know will get married in the sumptuous cathedral of their own city and will throw their wedding party on the roof garden of the coolest downtown hotel.

This post is instead dedicated to two specific categories of people: the Cosmopolitan and the Bold. Yes, because when you decide to get married abroad ― wedding planners call it Destination Wedding ― you usually do it for two main reasons: necessity or choice.