The Most Stylish Hydration Stations for a Cool Summer Wedding

Getting married during the warmest season is rightly so the most popular choice among weds-to-be because a Summer Wedding is always an unforgettable experience… if you don’t forget to deal in advance with the true and only summer enemy: the heat.

The 5 Essential Elements of a Green Wedding

The eco-friendly wedding has been among the hottest wedding trends for a while but only this year it has finally become THE only trend! So you’d be wondering, what is a green wedding anyway? Well, let’s start by saying that when you choose to organise an eco-friendly wedding, this has to be a choice that […]

5 Very Good Reasons to Get Married in Italy

It’s been a few years now since Bologna began to be an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples who wish to marry in Italy. Is it maybe because the capital of Emilia-Romagna has very little to envy to the most renowned Italian destinations? Obviously yes: history, architecture, beauty and culture dominate every view of its […]

The Ultimate Trends For the 2017 Bride

There’s no better way to start off the New Year than tying the knot with your soulmate forever: so let’s have a look at the ultimate trends for the 2017 bride! The watchword is: Vintage Sensuality All brands and bridal fashion designers agree on this point: the 2017 bride must be highly sensual. See-through and […]

The 7 Best Romcoms to Watch (and Rewatch) This Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us and so we slowly plunge ourselves into that ethereal atmosphere of lights and childhood memories that’s so good for the heart. In this time of family celebrations we are seized by a strange laziness (well, Christmas food binges help a lot!) so what is the best way to relax? But […]

Wedding Rings: History of the Eternal Ring

It seems your lil fairies got to like a little dust off of history books (cf. Historic Curiosities: Origin and Meaning of the Engagement Ring) because once again, like two real Indiana Jones, put their hearts into the laborious research about the origins of the wedding rings. Are you ready for a jump into the […]

6 Useful Tips To Choose The Theme Of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never an easy task (you wouldn’t need to hire a wedding planner, then!), at stake are the desires and expectations of many people beyond the weds-to-be (like your future mother-in-law!). So how can you make the job easier? The best solution is to choose a powerful theme so that your inner […]

5 Must Have Accessories for the Winter Bride

Winter is coming… and along with it many romantic weddings because getting married in winter months provides an atmosphere out of time to your big day! But now, dear Brides-to-be, you must be surely wondering how you could survive the cold and still be a flawless bride… Here are for you the latest trends in […]

Italy: Where Celebrities Love to Get Married!

Italy is definitely a special place; for centuries it has attracted visitors from around the world to admire its wonders. Will it be to enjoy its spectacular attractions if more and more celebrities are choosing to get married in the Boot? From North to South, let’s see who are the famous couples who chose some […]

The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood History

After we learnt a bit more about the origin and meaning of the engagement ring, let’s now have a look at those exchanged between celebrity couples: here is the ranking of the 10 most expensive engagement rings in the history of Hollywood! Yet, will expensive also mean elegant? Let’s move up our staggering top ten […]