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The 5 Essential Elements of a Green Wedding

The eco-friendly wedding has been among the hottest wedding trends for a while but only this year it has finally become THE only trend! So you’d be wondering, what is a green wedding anyway?

Well, let’s start by saying that when you choose to organise an eco-friendly wedding, this has to be a choice that really comes from the heart, because it’s connected to your life philosophy and to your idea of beauty. In other words, it mustn’t be you just chasing around the latest fashion! Because if you’re not truly and deeply convinced about the theme it may in fact prove a poor decision and be totally unsuitable for you and your guests. By reading this short list of the 5 essential elements of a green wedding you will understand why:

A Surprising Wedding Invitation: 5 Types of Original Announcement Cards

Dear weds-to-be,

So far you have dedicated time and care to the last detail of your wedding design, striving to reach a good level of homogeneity among the elements that will make up your day, and now comes the long awaited moment of choosing the perfect wedding invitation card!

Watch out, don’t rush and keep in mind that it’ll represent the first glimpse of what your guests might expect from your wedding day.

6 Simple Ideas for a Deliciously Boho-Chic Table Plan

Do you love romantic, soft, dreamy, and suspended in time atmospheres? Well, it’s no surprise then if you have chosen the boho-chic theme for your wedding!
Between the artistically bohemian and the culturally neo-hippie, the boho-chic design is now trending in weddings because it’s particularly suitable to many setting solutions: from a genuine country look to some metropolitan Green Philosophy, from a refined vintage taste to more bluntly bucolic and popular suggestions.
The table plan is usually that element of the wedding where brides and grooms can express their imagination and taste more freely. It’s an extravagant idea that turns into a friendly welcome to guests and accompanies them throughout the banquet. But which one shall we choose among dozens of boho-chic themes?
No need to fear, here’s a targeted selection of
6 simple ideas which both bride and groom will surely agree on:

5 Must Have Details for a Maritime Wedding

Inspired by the summer season and by this sweet sea breeze, we think it’s time to talk about a great fav of all wedding themes: the maritime theme. Never out of fashion, this theme can always be adapted to new trends and provides features for elegant, boho and romantic weddings. Here we present the latest trends in beach wedding through our top 5 must-have details for a perfect set-up:

Say Yes to a Valentine’s Day Wedding!

Dear little Soon-to-be-weds of my heart,

You haven’t been able to resist the temptation to promise to love each other forever and ever in the most romantic day of the year, have you? And now you are looking far and wide for tips and creative ideas to transform Valentine’s Day into your own special and memorable day. Well, you happen to be in the right place because we ooze creativity and can’t wait to share some with you!