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The 7 Best Romcoms to Watch (and Rewatch) This Christmas!

Christmas is nearly upon us and so we slowly plunge ourselves into that ethereal atmosphere of lights and childhood memories that’s so good for the heart. In this time of family celebrations we are seized by a strange laziness (well, Christmas food binges help a lot!) so what is the best way to relax? But of course, lie down on the couch and be embraced by a sweet, sickly sweet, totally schmaltzy romantic comedy!

Italy: Where Celebrities Love to Get Married!

Italy is definitely a special place; for centuries it has attracted visitors from around the world to admire its wonders. Will it be to enjoy its spectacular attractions if more and more celebrities are choosing to get married in the Boot?
From North to South, let’s see who are the famous couples who chose some of the dreamiest wedding venues around Italy!

The 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in Hollywood History

After we learnt a bit more about the origin and meaning of the engagement ring, let’s now have a look at those exchanged between celebrity couples: here is the ranking of the 10 most expensive engagement rings in the history of Hollywood! Yet, will expensive also mean elegant?
Let’s move up our staggering top ten starting from the bottom!

France: A Destination Wedding For the Stars

The country where Gustave Flaubert gave life to his Madame Bovary, where Edith Piaf coloured the Vie en Rose, where fairy tales are called Amélie, where Boris Vian made water lilies fatal and where many other illustrious personalities talked about love… well, there couldn’t be better country than France for a romantic destination wedding!

The same must have thought the famous showbiz couples who chose to celebrate in France their special day! It’s time for some gossip, let’s peep into some celebrities’ love life… and wedding!