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6 Useful Tips To Choose The Theme Of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never an easy task (you wouldn’t need to hire a wedding planner, then!), at stake are the desires and expectations of many people beyond the weds-to-be (like your future mother-in-law!). So how can you make the job easier? The best solution is to choose a powerful tquestion-markheme so that your inner style will resonate throughout the whole wedding and, what’s most important, all the elements of  the event, from the stationary to the table setting, will be harmoniously blended together by a common thread.
Well, easy-peasy so far, but now comes the hard part: how do I choose the theme of my wedding? How can I make up my mind among so many ideas, trends and suggestions? If you follow these useful tips you will find out that the job might be easy as pie and even fun!

6 Precious Rules to Survive Your Mother-In-Law (During Your Wedding Preparation)

Ah, the mother-in-law, this dangerous mammal who roams about marriages spreading panic! Is there a way to protect ourselves from her clutches?
Of course there is and your lil fairies are ready to reveal 6 precious rules to survive your mother-in-law to be during the organization of your wedding. Yes, because, dear brides-to-be, you’ll have to be beautiful and relaxed on your most important day, not at all hysterical or with a knife between your teeth!

How to Handle Kids at Weddings: the Tips of a Supermom!

Ah, Summer! Time to relax, time for holidays and… weddings!

With the arrival of the warmest season, weddings of friends and family members are a fixture to which one mustn’t arrive unprepared. Normally you would just think about your look and accessories and you’re done, you’re ready to toast

Top 7 Must-See Wedding Movies

The 69th edition of Cannes Film Festival closed down last weekend: for days we have banqueted plentifully on cinema, style and glamour thanks to the celebrities who have walked on the Croisette. Our eyes still full of heady images, we have started thinking about the influence wedding has had on the film industry and viceversa. A major theme of rom-coms, it has penetrated the imagination of spectators and contributed to changing customs and tradition of what is by many considered the most beautiful day.

Fairy tip: Who’s going to do my wedding makeup?

How to choose wisely who to entrust your bridal makeup without mistakes.

Dear soon-to-be brides,

It’s finally time to think about your look for your big day!


If you want to be flawless on your wedding day, you cannot miss the perfect makeup, that which will emphasize your best features and hide the inevitable traces of fatigue at this point of the wedding organisation. Your makeup should be able to resist ALL the emotions of the day, to temperature changes, or simply to a very long day!12-crying.w529.h352

So not to risk on the day when all eyes will be focused on you, we have created this survival guide that will allow you to carefully choose who will do your makeup.