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5 Very Good Reasons to Get Married in Italy

It’s been a few years now since Bologna began to be an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples who wish to marry in Italy. Is it maybe because the capital of Emilia-Romagna has very little to envy to the most renowned Italian destinations? Obviously yes: history, architecture, beauty and culture dominate every view of its medieval streets; between the dazzling magnificence of Piazza Maggiore and the serene intimacy of Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna is definitely the perfect place for those who dream of a romantic and original destination wedding.
But there’s some more, Bologna has something special and unique which is literally irresistible to those who choose it as the setting of their wedding.
Your fairies call it the 5 very good reasons to get married in Bologna!

The Most Popular Places for a Memorable Destination Wedding

Dear future brides and grooms,


Your thirst for adventure has led you to choose to celebrate your wedding abroad, that’s lovely! But now that your decision is made and that you have surprised your loved ones with the big news, you do not know where to turn for your research!Wendy & Marion_Wedding Fairies_ Wedding adventure


Well, it’s all about trying to decide which is the destination that best represents you and the kind of wedding ceremony you wish for. This post might give you some precious tips…

Why Marry Abroad? Because the World is a Big Weddingland!

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Has your dream always been to marry in that ancient Romanesque church a few kilometres from your birthplace and close to that pretty organic farm surrounded by centuries-old olive trees?


This post is not for you.destination wedding wedding favours

Neither is it for those of you who already know will get married in the sumptuous cathedral of their own city and will throw their wedding party on the roof garden of the coolest downtown hotel.

This post is instead dedicated to two specific categories of people: the Cosmopolitan and the Bold. Yes, because when you decide to get married abroad ― wedding planners call it Destination Wedding ― you usually do it for two main reasons: necessity or choice.

Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Dear Soon-to-be-weds,

You have finally decided to take the plunge and get married, so it’s no surprise that you may have started dreaming about your big day by now!

Whether you desire a grand or intimate wedding, set on a beach or in the countryside, vintage or shabby chic, hosting a gipsy concert or a metal singer, featuring fire eaters and a trained bear or parachute jumping … If you’re thinking of wacky ideas like these or simply wish for a quiet traditional ceremony, whatever suits you best there is an imperative professional figure you want to meet: your Wedding Planner.