5 Must Have Details for a Maritime Wedding

Inspired by the summer season and by this sweet sea breeze, we think it’s time to talk about a great fav of all wedding themes: the maritime theme. Never out of fashion, this theme can always be adapted to new trends and provides features for elegant, boho and romantic weddings. Here we present the latest trends in beach wedding through our top 5 must-have details for a perfect set-up:

  1. True Blue

Without surprise, the predominant colour will be the blue and its many shades. Fashionable this year is the emerald hue which recalls beautiful paradise beaches. To give an elegant touch to your colour scale just add a pinch of desert and desert sand nuances, while warmer shades of coral pinks and reds will enhance your entire partition by giving light and brilliance.

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  1. Shells and starfish

The maritime theme is characterised by some recurring motifs: shells, starfish, corals, anchors, ropes, fishing nets, boats … In short, all the elements of the marine world. It’s better not to use them all, but to choose two or three as a leitmotiv for the entire set-up (from invitation cards to the mise en place, up to the wedding cake!). For the most daring: you can choose to replace the floral decorations of your tables with marine elements.
Why not use a shell as a wedding ring holder or a starfish as a boutonniere?


  1. Sand and Flip-Flops

Sand must be absolutely present in your setting up, more so if your wedding won’t take place at a beach venue.
And, dear future spouses, if you are too taken with the organization of a beach wedding, please listen up to this valuable piece of advice: even if you have informed your guests, let’s face it, many of them will show up with shoes unfit to walk on sand. We therefore recommend to provide some comfortable flip-flops.
A great idea is to add to your wedding (whether civil, religious or symbolic) the blending of the sand ceremony: bride and groom pour sand of two different colours into a single container ― preferably glass ― to symbolize two souls becoming one. You can then keep this beautiful object in your house to remind you every day of the beautiful party.


  1. A Message in a Bottle

That’s the idea that excites us the most ― not only because it reminds us of the beautiful song by The Police ― but also because thanks to some DIY experience it can be used in different ways: for invitation cards, thank you cards, tableaus de mariage, placeholders or simply as wedding favours. Obviously, choose only one of these options.


  1. Wood

Wood is the natural element that gives a very boho chic touch to a display on the beach. With wooden branches bleached by the sun you can create fabulous altars or theme frames for your wedding pics. Well, there’s no limits to the uses you can make of wood.

Now let’s wish you the best of luck for your maritime wedding and don’t forget that when you choose such defined a theme the help of a wedding planner is more important than ever!

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