6 Simple Ideas for a Deliciously Boho-Chic Table Plan

Do you love romantic, soft, dreamy, and suspended in time atmospheres? Well, it’s no surprise then if you have chosen the boho-chic theme for your wedding!
Between the artistically bohemian and the culturally neo-hippie, the boho-chic design is now trending in weddings because it’s particularly suitable to many setting solutions: from a genuine country look to some metropolitan Green Philosophy, from a refined vintage taste to more bluntly bucolic and popular suggestions.
The table plan is usually that element of the wedding where brides and grooms can express their imagination and taste more freely. It’s an extravagant idea that turns into a friendly welcome to guests and accompanies them throughout the banquet. But which one shall we choose among dozens of boho-chic themes?
No need to fear, here’s a targeted selection of
6 simple ideas which both bride and groom will surely agree on:

1. The Birdcage
Whether it’s metal, wooden or simply sketched, the birdcage is a refined and delicate rètro theme element. After all, are you two lovebirds or not?

2. The Suitcase
Vintage, a bit bashed but with so much charm, the suitcase is also a great decorative support. Ready for a new adventure?

3. The Bottle
It does not matter if you are a real wine or whiskey connoisseur, with old decorated bottles ― or simply with corks ― you can create an excellent inebriating table plan! Cheers!

4. The Frame
Usually used for dear images or precious memories, the frame can in this case become a refined element of great visual impact. Your wedding too is a fine work of art!

5. The Key
Esoteric symbol of revelation, the key makes each table plan composition lively and sparkling. Its sinuous shapes and vintage flavour will open the hearts of every guest!

6. The Wooden Ladder
Convenient to create vertical compositions, the wooden ladder gives a delicate and decidedly bucolic look to your table plan for a stylish boho-chic design!

For your table plan you can either choose to use one of the themes proposed by your lil’ fairies, or, if you’re feeling pretty imaginative, you can try to create a new, customized trend, which speaks of you and of your love story. Anyway, make full use of flowers and natural elements and the result will be tremendously boho-chic!

Wendy for the Wedding Fairies