A Masquerade Themed Wedding: Ideas and Inspiration from Venice Carnival.

Dear future brides and grooms,

Carnival is in the air!

Venezia-CarnevaleTake a chance and let it inspire you in styling your wedding around the theme of the most fascinating masquerade in the world, the Venice Carnival!

The “Serenissima” would obviously be the perfect location, but if you happen to celebrate your special day elsewhere, by using a little imagination you might be able to recreate the magical Venetian atmosphere far from its famous canals as well.

When you conceive your wedding along such a precise common theme, it’s good practice to try and balance all the elements of your design harmoniously. Therefore we strongly advise you to avoid any kind of exaggerations. Elegance always lies in simple and graceful details: so small references to Venice and its elaborate masks will be enough to the setting up of both ceremony and banquet.Masquerade Wedding-12

Masquerade Wedding-14

In order to achieve a remarkable wedding design, first of all you should choose the key colours of the event. Typically, Venice Carnival suggests dark shades ‒ like purple-red, crimson, or dark-magenta ‒ which are usually combined with golden and bronze hues. However, for those of you who love soft colours there is no need to despair: many pastel variations match perfectly with the theme. Just add a touch of gold to the various lemon chiffon, light salmon, aqua marine, vanilla, powder blue or ivory, and there you have it, the result will be just stunning!

Well, let’s continue with designing save-the-dates, invites, thank you cards, place cards, and menu cards! According to the newest trends, the most suitable decorations for your Venice Carnival inspired Wedding stationery are represented either by the motif of the mask ‒ ornate designs which feature bright colours, such gold or silver, and the use of a complex Baroque style ‒ or by damask, lace and monogram patterns.

Masquerade Wedding- 25Masquerade Wedding-8

Alternatively, you can create your unique design by using old-fashioned pictures of Venice, ancient sketches or silhouettes of masked couples. Polaroid format may give a very contemporary touch to the whole.

Remember the golden rule when you choose such a specific and well-known subject: turn to a specialized graphic designer who can help you create a series of coordinated printed materials which will reflect both your personality and the theme of your wedding. You don’t want to be a predictable and unimaginative cliché, do you?

What about your look, dear brides-to-be? Well, your dress will have to be as magnificent as the precious costumes of a masquerade ball: you may as well opt for vibrant and intense colours, or simply rely on the classic white/ivory dress but with an original vintage feel to it.Masquerade Wedding-6Masquerade Wedding- 1

Of course wearing a mask is a must, both for the bride and the groom, at least for a few shots at the entrance and at the first dance. If you are a bit shy you may choose a mask that hides most of your face; there are some lace masks which create an intriguing see-through effect even the most timid can’t resist! The same may be achieved by wearing the classic and timeless veil or, for the most audacious brides, by decorating your face with an artistic make up.

Want to make the kids happy? We have the perfect idea: swap the throwing of rice with a typically carnivalesque and colourful shower of confetti!

Masquerade Wedding-20Masquerade Wedding-21
As regards the wedding banquet table arrangement, forget little delicate floral decorations: your designer will have to be really generous with opulent and elegant flowers! Fleshy petal blossoms and well-designed plants might be placed in tall vases with cascading foliage next to old-fashioned and translucent crystal candlesticks. The suffused lightning of candles will contribute to create the enchanting and mysterious atmosphere of Carnival. To complete the garnishing add here and there lace fabrics, velvet ribbons, masks, and feathers to the scenery.Masquerade Wedding-11

If you have the chance, choose silver cutlery, and antique gold-trimmed decorated underplates and glasses: the tiniest detail must have a luxurious and a gracefully rétro appearance. In case you might want to cut your expenses a bit, you may always use vintage pottery and cutlery just for the bride and groom’s table and for the reception table.

Masquerade Wedding-7You want to say thank you with lovely wedding favours? Nice reproductions of a Venetian mask are the ideal, yet if you want to be original and fashionable pick some handcrafted Murano glass objects! What a treat for your guests! For the sugared almonds gift bags always refer to the patterns and fabrics chosen for the stationary: be it damask, lace or monograms, try to be as coordinated as you can not to give the idea of a messy and patchy wedding design.

Masquerade Wedding-5 If you say mask you say photo booth, sure enough! Why not take a chance to have some real fun with your friends? Then arrange masks, vintage frames, feathers and other carnival gadgets in a corner and your guests will be thrilled to bring home a very personal and funny reminder of your unforgettable Venice Carnival themed wedding!

So, with these gorgeous ideas in mind may your Venetian masquerade wedding begin!

Marion for the Wedding Fairies

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