A Surprising Wedding Invitation: 5 Types of Original Announcement Cards

Dear weds-to-be,

So far you have dedicated time and care to the last detail of your wedding design, striving to reach a good level of homogeneity among the elements that will make up your day, and now comes the long awaited moment of choosing the perfect wedding invitation card!

Watch out, don’t rush and keep in mind that it’ll represent the first glimpse of what your guests might expect from your wedding day.

If you chose to get married in the good ol’ traditional way, you will find plenty of printers in your town able to provide “classic” models of announcement cards. Be this the case, we recommend one very important thing you shouldn’t overlook: select a card with a nice paper weight.

Whereas for those of you brave ones who have decided to venture on an original wedding design ― be it boho chic, green, romantic or ironic ― we have selected 5 types of out of the ordinary invitation cards!

  1. Everything is Allowed on Paper

Why not opt for a classic media ― i.e. paper ― but with a casual and modern content? You can tell a piece of your own love story or create funny riddles and jokes about the two of you. Or, the other way round, ― placing a classic text in a modern design ― is very fashionable as well: in this case we advise you to rely on a trustworthy graphic designer who will be able to create bespoke stationery.

  1. Photomania

Nothing is more personal and representative than beautiful pics! For those who desire elegance and refinement, opt for an engagement session photo shoot taken by a professional photographer. Instead those who wish to add a touch of vintage can create funny “mug shots” with an old photo booth or a Polaroid.

  1. Invitation cards or gifts?

We are now entering the realm where all oddities are allowed… and most of the times they are utterly delicious: we’re talking about invites printed on things!
For “sweet” invitations, you might like to use the packaging of sweets like chocolate or candies. It’ll be much appreciated both by adults and by children.
Whereas, if you’re feeling playful, why not let your guests do the dirty work? They will appreciate your invitation only after piecing together a puzzle or inflating a balloon …
For music lovers think about etching vinyls, while for photography fans a camera roll is a wonderful idea!

  1. Virtual Invitation Cards

Everyone in the twenty-first century loves a bit of technology! So let’s shake all conventions in the world of announcement cards! Virtual invitations are particularly fashionable, you would only need a good graphic designer to create a nice layout. Your invitations will have a lot in common with printed ones, the only difference lays in the fact that you will send them by email, saving a lot of time and, above all, money! And if you have pretentious guests, you may still print some paper versions for them!

  1. Action!

For those who want to use the most of technologies, we have an idea that will make you the stars of your own wedding! With few simple steps you can create an invitation that tells your love story in the shape of an animated cartoon or a movie! Just as in the example below:


In short, once freed from the limitations sometimes imposed by tradition, you can create anything and everything in the field of wedding invitations. What’s important is to choose something that reflects your inner selves and conveys the idea of what will be the spirit of your big day!

Well then, chop-chop to work!

Marion for the Wedding Fairies