The 5 Essential Elements of a Green Wedding

The eco-friendly wedding has been among the hottest wedding trends for a while but only this year it has finally become THE only trend! So you’d be wondering, what is a green wedding anyway?

Well, let’s start by saying that when you choose to organise an eco-friendly wedding, this has to be a choice that really comes from the heart, because it’s connected to your life philosophy and to your idea of beauty. In other words, it mustn’t be you just chasing around the latest fashion! Because if you’re not truly and deeply convinced about the theme it may in fact prove a poor decision and be totally unsuitable for you and your guests. By reading this short list of the 5 essential elements of a green wedding you will understand why:

    1. Natural and Recycled Materials

When it comes to green weddings, your attention must be devoted to the choice of all the materials that will make up your big day. Starting from the wedding stationery: paper must be reduced to the absolute minimum and be highly recycled.

For weds-to-be really audacious, what about paper flower arrangements? They will last in time and after the wedding they could even become home decorations, a perfect keepsake of your sweetest day!


The wedding dress too must be in line with the green wedding theme and it must therefore be made of natural fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and silk, or it can be second-hand: in that case, why not use your mom’s?

To complete the scenic design always choose natural elements such as plants, wood, sand, hay bales and so forth… Candles are a great alternative to artificial light and they’re so romantic!


    2. Local Vendors and Organic Menu

Rule number two of a green wedding is zero waste as regards vendors, caterers and, of course, food! They must all be local, especially the produce that will make up your super organic menu, …mmm delicious!

  3. Charity or Culinary Wedding Favours

As for wedding favors the most eco-friendly choice of all is the charity donation. You can make a good deed on behalf of your guests who will be happy to take part in it and you also have the opportunity to raise some awareness about issues that are important to you. If you’re more on the food side, you might like culinary wedding favours, just put yourself to the test and prepare some jams, bake some cakes and biscuits or, if you don’t feel like cooking, contact some local honey producers who will give you nice little jars to give your guests. Edible favours are always welcome!

4. Ethical Gold

Wedding rings can’t be missing in a green wedding, however be careful and choose rings made with ethical gold only: that is gold extracted without exploiting labourers or the environment, and without producing harmful waste. So very green!


5. Online Invite Cards and Save-the-Dates

One last tip: rather than sending paper invite cards and save-the-dates, think about the benefit of online communication! You just need a good graphic designer and you cn send all your invitations via email! So comfortable, low-cost and environment-friendly!


Well, by now you’ll be probably wondering: “What looks like a green wedding, then?”. An eco-friendly wedding may have thousands different styles but, in the end, what one must feel is the sheer love for nature… whether country chic or bohemian, a green wedding is definitely green!

Marion for the Wedding Fairies