Why hire a Wedding Planner?

Because you want your wedding to be unique, with no platitudes or trite details, and you want it to be handled by expert hands up to the tiniest detail.
You want to avoid unnecessary stress and fatigue to fully enjoy your special day.
You want to appoint professionals to manage and solve impediments or delays accurately, discreetly and swiftly.
Finally you want to save time and money without giving up the wedding of your dreams.

Who will take the decisions if I hire a Wedding Planner?

YOU and YOU alone have the final word on the decisions about your wedding. Your Wedding Fairies will be there only to suggest ideas and options which might meet your expectations and are in tune with your style. Your task is to happily choose the solution that suits you best.

Is the estimate free? And how can I apply for it?

YES, absolutely. It is nevertheless good to remember that an estimate does not represent a final agreement, but only an early evaluation of our service fees on the whole. It is complimentary, requires no obligation on your part and can be modified according to your needs. This way, you are totally free to decide whether or not to employ our services.

Just contact us for a free of charge first meeting and, at no cost, you will receive a detailed estimate based on your requirements and means within ten days.

What happens during the first meeting?

Typically, after a first contact by telephone or email the actual meeting follows. This is a very intimate and significant moment for both sides because it allows a better understanding of the ideas and elements of the wedding which will later be taken into account to outline the initial estimate.

One by one, all aspects that require a precise economic assessment are analysed along with some creative notes. The design itself, however, being a specialized service, is processed in its entirety only when the signing of the contract has taken place.

If it were not possible to meet in person at short notice due to geographical reasons, we are fully available for telephone or Skype conference calls.

Do the Wedding Fairies provide a legal contract?

YES, so as to protect both sides by sealing commitment and ensuring reliability.

If after handing over the estimate the couple decides to appoint the Wedding Fairies as their Wedding Planner, a contract is drawn up, describing in detail the features, times and methods of payment of the services requested.

How much does a Wedding Planner cost?

Since we offer several different formulas and tailored services, it is unfeasible to determine an average price: each estimate varies according to the needs and requests of the couple for their specific wedding project. However, we can indicate the minimum fee for our consulting service: € 200,00 for two 2hr meetings.

Who chooses the suppliers for my wedding?

As for the question about taking decisions, YOU and YOU alone will choose the suppliers of your wedding.

For each service, the Wedding Fairies will propose several company names with their average price estimates. Together with you, we will evaluate the pros and cons of every supplier in order to help you in your final choice, which is always your own prerogative.

In case you already have trustworthy suppliers, we are always happy and willing to meet and team up with new professionals.

When should I start organising my wedding?

The sooner the better, above all if you wish to secure the location of your dreams or your favourite photographer. So, we suggest you move at least 12 months in advance, although the ideal would be 18 months before.

However, since each wedding is an event in itself, there are no strict rules that apply to everyone. The organization depends on many factors: the type of wedding you have in mind, the number of guests, the area in which it takes place and so forth.

So if you think you have little time to organise your wedding, do not hesitate to contact the Wedding Fairies, we are always ready to accept new and exciting challenges, and besides, you might always find interesting last-minute occasions.

Do The Wedding Fairies organise weddings throughout Italy?

YES, absolutely! Although our headquarters are located in Bologna, we have no problems organising weddings throughout the national territory.

Do The Wedding Fairies organise Destination Weddings?

YES, both for Italians who wish to get married abroad — France, in particular — and for foreigners who want to get married either in Italy or France.

Do The Wedding Fairies organise gay weddings?

YES, absolutely, The Wedding Fairies are totally gay friendly!

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