5 Must Have Accessories for the Winter Bride

Winter is coming… and along with it many romantic weddings because getting married in winter months provides an atmosphere out of time to your big day!

But now, dear Brides-to-be, you must be surely wondering how you could survive the cold and still be a flawless bride… Here are for you the latest trends in terms of accessories for the winter bride.

  1. Ankle Boots

Let’s start with the very first victims of the cold: your feet! Forget the beautiful pumps you’ve been dreaming for a long time ‘cause the winter bride should definitely wear boots to keep her feet warm!

  1. Shrugs

Thanks to its adaptable nature, the shrug is the accessory brides request the most whatever the season: it covers your shoulders during the  ceremony in the Church and protects you from the gentle evening breeze as well. But above all it makes you feel like you’re wearing two dresses in one! Oh yes, dear Brides, nowadays designers conceive such refined and elaborate shrugs that by simply putting them on or taking them off you will feel like you’ve just changed clothes!

Good news for the really sensitive to the cold, you may opt for a shrug made with warmer fabrics like fur – fake, of course – which is really fashionable this season.

  1. Winter Coat

I can hear you already: “What? A bride with a coat? Hell no!”. Dear brides-to-be of my heart, don’t jump straight away to wrong conclusions! First of all, if you want to avoid having a blue skin tone for the wedding pics you’d better wear a coat; then just picture a beautiful ivory coat which matches perfectly your wedding gown or, why not, a fresh and original colour which evokes the nuances of your bouquet… you will have a totally romantic and cool look!


  1. Gloves

A pair of gloves – whether long or short, lace or silk –  will add a 50s’ vintage touch to your look and above all will keep your fingers warm! Just like my old grandma used to tell me “If you don’t want to catch a cold, keep your hands and feet warm!” There’s also a plus, gloves will keep your hands unblemished for the exchanges of wedding rings…

  1. Wool

Here is the real must have for a winter wedding: the wool. Whatever is the accessory you have chosen to wear – a knitted sweater, a cardigan, a scarf or a cape – opt for wool as fabric. Wool will keep you warm and will give you an irresistible boho chic look! And the best part of it all is that you can create the accessory yourselves or give the honour to your dear old granny, she will be proud! So girls, show us your knitting needles!

It should be clear by now, the latest trends present a bride who knows how to play with contrasts of colours and fabrics. So let your imagination run wild because almost anything goes!

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