5 Trendy Wedding Hairstyles For 2016

Dear brides looking for beauty tips,

Are you undecided about the hairstyle for your wedding day? This post on the trends for 2016 will certainly help you not to lose your head about it! Before we begin, here are three very important suggestions that will simplify the hard task of choosing your look.

 Take care of your hair: the stress about organising a wedding is so exhausting that it may even affect your “flowing mane”. Several months prior the event start taking regular care of your little heads so not to get to your big day with dry and lifeless hair. Linseed oil masks and other ointments make the ideal treatment to nourish and add shine while frequent trimming will help to keep it strong and healthy.

Choose the right color: if you want to get rid of gray hair or simply brighten it up a bit for your wedding day, choose carefully the colour that suits you best. Our advise is to avoid altering your colour completely, better play with highlights to give your hair just a tiny fairer tone. Let’s say no to desperate discolorations!

Match your hair to the dress: try to choose a hairstyle that gets along with your wedding dress. If you picked a turtleneck model you would look better with your hair up in a bun, while, on the contrary, a low-necked dress calls for loose hair. It’s nice to play with contrasts but it’s very easy to pick the wrong combination too! So always follow the experts’ advice!

Now that we have brushed up on the basic rules for perfect hair, we are ready to discover the new 2016 trends as regards bridal hairstyles. First of all, the must have hair look of this year is braids: be it soft, sided, messy, fishtail or French… whatever is the one you like, if you choose a braided hairstyle for your wedding look you will certainly hit the target!

As for the rest, some say that there’s a style for every bride, for the time being we have collected five of them. Let’s check them together:

The Bohemian Look: this is ideal for those brides with very long hair (alternatively, one can resort to extensions). For loose hairstyles, yes to large and soft waves adorned with a wreath of fresh flowers or a veil; alternatively one can opt for a half up with a vintage clip, or rather, with a fresh flower hair comb matching the bouquet. For updos the trend of the moment is all about very soft braids, chignons and buns that give an almost disheveled look to the bride, with locks falling on the face and shoulders. To finish up a free-spirited country look are flowers and berries rolled up and braided in the hair.

bohemienne wedding braids long hairbohemienne wedding braidsbohemienne veil loose hair

loose hair flower crownlow bohemienne bunhal updoe bohemienne flowers

– The Diva Look: the contoured hairstyles of the female stars of the forties are a timeless source of inspiration and this year they are back in fashion! For a femme fatale look buy up combs, brushes, hairpins, curlers, and above all so much hairspray! Yes, because such hairstyles require perfectly symmetrical waves: for loose hair try deep side parted hairdos with voluminous curls and ringlets Veronica Lake-style, while for a more playful look you can go for the famous pin-ups’ victory rolls. If you prefer updos, how about a look like Grace Kelly? Curls and ringlets held tight on the head thanks to dozens of hairpins: the result is a chic and refined look. For short hairstyles, a very trendy accessory is the birdcage veil that gives a mysterious vintage aura of shyness. A small note on the colour: if you have light hair, consider the option of dying it honey brown, then you’ll really look like a Hollywood movie diva!

veronica lake side partingdiva updovictory rolls divabirdcage veil diva

– The Vintage Look: the unmistakable style of the Nouvelle Vague has really marked an era, even when it comes to hairstyles. Brigitte Bardot’s dizzy backcombs become fashionable hairstyles for the bride 2016, in combination with refined high chignons and ponytails on the top part of the head. Of course giddy volume is the highlight of this look so don’t be afraid to overuse hairspray and comb! For short and preferably smooth hair, the pixie cut like the famous model Twiggy is very trendy. Comfortable and original, this hairstyle can be embellished with numerous hair accessories such as satin bands, headbands and vintage clips.

sixties half updosixties pixie headbandbackcomb low bun

– The Sophisticated Look: it’s definitely the most classic look but also the favourite of many brides because it means an assured successful outcome. Who wouldn’t want the class and beauty of Audrey Hepburn on the day of their wedding? For the bride who chooses the 2016 sophisticated lady look, the rallying cry is: bare nape. So chignons and buns of any height, position and size are more than welcome. To make the look even more feminine and soft, pearl, lace, and swarovski hairclips are the most recommended accessories. For those brides who want to feel like a real princess, one can even dare to wear delicate crowns or small tiaras.

low bun sophisticated jewelside bun sophisticatedlow bun jewel

– The Rock Look: the 2016 wedding hairstyle trends will not leave the brides with a rebel soul empty-handed. The major focus is on colour: shatush, balayage, splashlight, and degradé are the most used bleaching and toning techniques to have an original rock and gritty effect. As regards hairstyles, braids is the thing to go for. This time it’s not soft and voluminous as in the bohemian look but clear cut and hold tight to the head, just a few locks running free on the forehead and temples create a more casual look. Dear short haired brides, don’t miss the very popular messed-up pixie cut which may be embellished by a hippie flower headband or crown. And for those who love to astonish and surprise, what’s more revolutionary than a blue haired bride?

rock braidsrock pixierock blue hair

Finally, my dear brides, I take my leave with an old proverb grandma used to tell me: “To be beautiful, just take care of your hair.” Granny wisdom is never wrong, even when it comes to wedding hairstyle!

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