Spotlight on Hands: The Latest Nail Art Trends for Brides, Bridesmaids and Invites

Dear Princesses,

The wedding season is finally in full swing, are you sure you took care of every detail to be the most beautiful of them all? In our previous posts we talked about the look of our fairy feet and luscious hair, it’s time to finally focus our attention to the most sensual and delicate part of the female body: the hands. Always in the limelight, they are our business card. Whether you are the bride, the bridesmaid or simply an invite, keeping them neat and beautiful for a wedding is a must!

Well, to help you better prep your fairy hands, we selected the latest nail art trends and divided them into four categories, according to various types of weddings and look philosophies!

“Natural Beauty”: is the ideal solution for the bride or the invite who loves the nude look: simple but refined, essential, and flawless. Delicate pink is the colour, be it either shiny, ombre or matt. To make this look more intense, you can insert small jewel applications or faded glitters without exaggeration.


“Romantic Lace”: is a great choice for those who want to add some fancy to a neutral base. Lace patterns match perfectly with most wedding dresses and suggest an idea of delicate, natural beauty. But if you really want to dare with something original, why not opt for some dark lace pattern?


“Glam Girl”: fashion addicted of the world, these nail looks are for you! Refinement doesn’t mean conformism, then go ahead and dare with some sparkling metal polish, some warm gold tone, or some nice geometric patterns. However, never overdo, keep it as simple as you can!


“Colour Passion”: if you feel perky and lively, and cannot give up a little colour, well no problem at all! There are hundreds of delicate shades perfect for weddings of any kind, you just need to choose the ones that best match your clothes. If you are happy-go-lucky brides, then opt for the colour of a detail of your dress or your bouquet! We recommend soft pastel shades or fresh, delicate floral patterns. So, let’s start, there’s plenty to have fun!

Wendy for the Wedding Fairies