6 Precious Rules to Survive Your Mother-In-Law (During Your Wedding Preparation)

Ah, the mother-in-law, this dangerous mammal who roams about marriages spreading panic! Is there a way to protect ourselves from her clutches?
Of course there is and your lil fairies are ready to reveal 6 precious rules to survive your mother-in-law to be during the organization of your wedding. Yes, because, dear brides-to-be, you’ll have to be beautiful and relaxed on your most important day, not at all hysterical or with a knife between your teeth!

1. Keep a Zen Attitude: not everything that happens has to be considered fateful or irreparable, follow the golden rule for this period of hectic organization: downplay. Try to laugh at unpleasant situations that may happen with your mother-in-law; if she tells the same story over and over again or recommends the same things, turn a deaf ear and become as zen as Shaolin monks!

2. Give Value to her Role: although she isn’t your cup of tea, your mother-in-law is still the mother of the man you are about to marry. If you love him and chose him to be your husband it’s also because of her. Thank her for that every once in awhile, she will surely be proud!

3. Improve your Communication Skills: you can’t avoid talking to her, can you? So why not sharpen your communication skills? And if you’re a bit impulsive, the old rule still applies: wait 10 seconds before opening your mouth to talk!

4. Listen to her Advice: to get along with people one must always be welcoming and flexible. Then listen to what your your mother-in-law has to say; although some of her advice may sound like she’s scolding you, the mere fact of accepting her words will prepare the soil for a relationship based on mutual trust and understanding!

5. Find Her a Place: in order not to have your mother-in-law always hot on your heels, ready to grab the spotlight or stress you with futile worries and requests, entrust her with a task, find her something to be concerned of with, or somewhere to be. She will certainly be busy for a while and will leave you in peace. Amen!

6. Establish Limits: to get along with some people it’s necessary to mark one’s territory beyond which one must move with great caution. This simple rule becomes as precious as pure gold when it concerns the mother-in-law to be! Don’t be afraid to pronounce some noes ― tactful ― but NOES still!

Of course these simple behavioural rules not only apply when organising a wedding, they can also be used in everyday life. They won’t definitely spoil the taste of your life as a couple, and indeed they will help you live more peacefully, especially during the Sunday family meals!

Wendy for the Wedding Fairies