6 Useful Tips To Choose The Theme Of Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is never an easy task (you wouldn’t need to hire a wedding planner, then!), at stake are the desires and expectations of many people beyond the weds-to-be (like your future mother-in-law!). So how can you make the job easier? The best solution is to choose a powerful tquestion-markheme so that your inner style will resonate throughout the whole wedding and, what’s most important, all the elements of  the event, from the stationary to the table setting, will be harmoniously blended together by a common thread.
Well, easy-peasy so far, but now comes the hard part: how do I choose the theme of my wedding? How can I make up my mind among so many ideas, trends and suggestions? If you follow these useful tips you will find out that the job might be easy as pie and even fun!

time1) Take all the time in the world
Don’t get anxious if you don’t come up with anything in the next couple of minutes. What you have in front of you is an important decision and you shouldn’t make it in a hurry. Remember, time is your ally, not an enemy to fight! After a while you will magically step into the right mood and the obvious choice will come and rest in front of your eyes, et voila!

couple-beach2) Consider your personal and shared tastes
It takes two to get married so the theme will have to suit and represent both of you. Do you have a common passion? Are you interested in the same subjects? Good start! Some couple harmony will certainly help, but you if don’t agree on anything you might always think about planning all around sharp contrasts…

inspiration3) Let anything be your inspiration
Inspiration doesn’t flow spontaneously? No panic, look around yourself without dismissing any source of inspiration. Sometime great ideas reside in the mundane stuff of your daily life: a book you both might have read and loved, a TV series that glued both to the screen, a dish you frequently eat, a colour you both have in your wardrobe, a childhood memory you share, a film you can’t help watching a million times, a common hobby you practice in your leisure time… Well, never try to contain your imagination!

trends4) Avoid fads
Never rely on momentary fashions or fads with all your heart, you might risk to overshadow the real protagonists of the event: YOU! After all, it’s your party, it must talk about who you are, what excites you deep down in your soul. Yet, if you really are into something mainstream, try to include some personal details which will make the event more intimate and recognisable.

star-wars-wedding5) Avoid going overboard
It’s okay to be unique and original, but careful, it doesn’t need to be too fancy or you might become a caricature of yourself! Like, if you both love Star Wars you don’t necessarily have to dress up like Master Yoda, some delicate hints to the Saga here and there will suffice and your geek theme will entertain and cheer all, fans and not!

seasons6) Keep in mind the season
Are you ocean lovers who want get married in winter? Unless you live on the other hemisphere it will be quite hard to create that delicate maritime atmosphere with shells and sand if outside your window leaves are falling from the trees! Each season has its own extraordinary beauties that can turn into ideas or perfect suggestions, make the most of them and you’ll see that even autumn rain will look awesome!

doubt-ideaWell, if nothing at all seems to charm you so far, the web will come in really handy! In just 5 minutes you will find ideas and tips galore, you will only have to choose the one that suits you best, so happy searching!

Wendy for the Wedding Fairies