Fairy tip: Who’s going to do my wedding makeup?

How to choose wisely who to entrust your bridal makeup without mistakes.

Dear soon-to-be brides,

It’s finally time to think about your look for your big day!


If you want to be flawless on your wedding day, you cannot miss the perfect makeup, that which will emphasize your best features and hide the inevitable traces of fatigue at this point of the wedding organisation. Your makeup should be able to resist ALL the emotions of the day, to temperature changes, or simply to a very long day!12-crying.w529.h352

So not to risk on the day when all eyes will be focused on you, we have created this survival guide that will allow you to carefully choose who will do your makeup.

But before we start, let’s quickly review some principles to keep in mind whatever is your final choice:

Take the first contact 3 months in advance: there certainly will be those who think this is too much ahead of the schedule, but unfortunately it isn’t. Actually that’s how long it takes to pick the right style and best (natural) products for your look unhurriedly, and to arrange meetings for rehearsals. Don’t forget that you might not like the outcome of the first attempt, so moving up will allow you enough time to find the best option.

masque-visagePrepare your skin: absorbed as they are with the preparations, many future brides make the mistake of neglecting themselves before the wedding. But dear little spouses, makeup doesn’t work miracles! If you don’t prepare your body with the proper treatment for your skin type, you’ll end up with a greenish colour or with oily and shiny skin on your face! So, follow the experts’ advice and pamper yourself with moments of relaxation and natural creams and skin masks.


Take a makeup test first: long before your wedding, take one or more makeup tests so to be 100% sure of your look and that you’re not allergic to the products used. Also, check that brushes and other makeup applicators are properly cleaned… it’s better to avoid any kind of skin reaction on the day of your wedding, isn’t it?

Rely on expert hands: whoever is the person you decide to entrust your look on your wedding day, just make sure to rely on savvy hands. Only someone with some specific bridal makeup expertise will guarantee a beautiful, natural, and flawless look!

Define your style: do some research and collect some pics of the style you like before addressing the appointed makeup artist. Also, don’t forget to take some photos of your wedding dress and accessories with you: the more you tell about the event, the better. Your makeup artist must be able to grasp the most of your style to satisfy your needs!

Well, now that you’ve read and taken all the basics into account, let’s see who is the right makeup artist for you.

  • A beautician or a makeup artist


Most of the times brides resort to relying on a professional in the beauty field for their makeup. However, in this regard, I would add some piece of advice which I deem “crucial”: if you’re planning to ask your trusted beautician for the job, be informed beforehand whether they are capable of performing this type of makeup. Don’t get me wrong, I know your beautician is definitely talented but between shaving your legs and applying a wedding makeup there’s a whole world of a difference! And even if they’re skilled for the job, this doesn’t mean you will undoubtedly like how they work… So whether is your entrusted beautician or a random one, it’s essential for you to ask them a few things: if they can perform bridal makeup, which products they use and if they have a portfolio of their works to show. For the step two, once you choose the right person, bring a picture of your wedding dress and accessories in order to make her or him understand your look. Of course, you should definitely do a makeup test at least two months before the wedding so as to be able to decide if you really like the outcome and that you’re not allergic to the products she or he uses.

Also, consider that a part of your budget will have to be dedicated to makeup products since it will be useful to buy some ― such as lipstick and blush ― to use for retouches on the wedding day.

For whom?
For the perfectionist bride;
For the anxious bride who wants a moment of relax during the preparations.

  • A friend

We are often told: “Oh, there’s my friend/cousin/neighbour who’s gonna do my makeup!” Ok, let’s be clear on this straight away: if he or she is a makeup artist, then you’re very lucky and I send you back to the first paragraph. Or else, if he or she isn’t a professional in the field… trouble’s on its way!

The day of the wedding, the bride’s house usually bustles with frantic activity and the air might be slightly tense, your friend too will surely be very excited, do you think she or he will be able to handle the situation? Will she or he have enough time to do your makeup properly since she or he will have to get ready too? Is she or he calm enough? Will she or he help you relax? Ask yourself these questions before you decide.

If you opt for this solution, make some makeup rehearsals with her/him. Decide together which products to use and test them for allergies. Once you have defined the look, take a reminder pic because it could come handy on the day of the wedding. The positive aspect of this choice is that you’ll have your makeup artist by your side all day. Plenty of retouches whenever you need, then!

For whom:
For the emotional bride who needs a moment of relaxation and intimacy with a friend;
For the bride who wants to have fun during the preparations.

  • Yourself


We’ve finally come to the third and last option. Let’s see the pros and cons of this solution. Who’s writing talks with all her heart because this was my choice for my wedding. Let’s begin with the positive aspects: you can take your time to choose carefully the products you intend to use and do all the tests and rehearsals you want. Plus, even in this case you’ll have your makeup artist by your side all day! The only drawback is that you might not be exactly cool and collected on your big day and, above all, you might not have the steadiest of hands…

Also, for the wedding budget, keep in mind that you will have to buy all the products you need and maybe won’t reuse all of them (we’re talking about primers, finishing sprays etc.). So, better study and assess your look in advance!

For whom:
For the perfectionist bride who doesn’t trust even the professional;
For the zen bride;
For the “natural” bride who wants a very light makeup.

Ok dear brides, you now have all the cards in your hand to make your choice.

There’s no magic formula that works for all, and fortunately you are all different! Yet, we are certain that with this valuable guide every bride will find her perfect makeup artist!

Marion for the Wedding Fairies