How to Handle Kids at Weddings: the Tips of a Supermom!

Ah, Summer! Time to relax, time for holidays and… weddings!

With the arrival of the warmest season, weddings of friends and family members are a fixture to which one mustn’t arrive unprepared. Normally you would just think about your look and accessories and you’re done, you’re ready to toast
kids aisle wedding
But what happens when you’re a parent and your offspring, too, has been invited? Usually, the most frequent reaction is panic. Thousand of questions crowd the minds of anxious mothers and fathers: what will be the best-fitting gown? Will they behave in church? Will they eat? Will there be other kids to play with? And so on and on up to the wedding day…

As cautious and hyper far-sighted wedding planners ― and mothers ― we decided to flymamy emma e ninaset up a small summit on the matter and as guest of honor we invited a record mom: Alessia, aka Flymamy. She combines her job as a producer with her passion for writing in a blog where she talks about her life as a twin mom: Alessia has two small monozygotic twins, Emma & Nina, who, besides being a hoot (imagine what fun can a kid be and then double it!) are also a great and constant commitment. Our Flymamy also happens to be the Great Mogul of “Secrets for the Management of Infants”: well then, she’s the best person for giving us directions to travel along this winding road!kids table

One of the first questions we asked our blogger mum was, how do we dress our kids for a wedding? Like little princes and princesses, or shall we give space to priority needs? For some mothers the world of wedding dresses for children is really a new, different universe but nowadays all major brands have dedicated lines, so you’ll be spoilt for choice. You’ll just have to close your eyes and decide according to your style and wallet on how to dress your children.
Yet know that many of these adorable dresses have a sensitive index of discomfort. Yes, because the tiny humans (here we are talking about kids under 5 but this is true for all age groups) don’t actually love to wear a shirt with attached necktie and jacket, or be perfectly and immaculately dressed up. So the passwowedding group kidsrd is: Comfort! The worst thing that can happen to you is having to change them because they feel totally annoyed and inadequate.

Alessia’s advice is to look for clothes made of soft, breathable fabrics, manageable for changing table pit stops or fast wee wees. Anyway, you mustn’t forget to bring extra clothes because they will eventually manage to spill something on themselves. Bottom line: for boys, choose comfortable trousers and as top a polo shirt is a great idea, the necktie is really too wedding dress kidsmuch! For girls, clothes shouldn’t be too structured: just few layers of tulle (otherwise they are too painstakingly hot and not really easy to handle in the bathroom) and a pair of comfortable shoes that have already been worn before.
If your baby is a little fashion blogger, then they will be accustomed to sacrifice, and you won’t be fussing about such trifles…

Well, the look of the tiny humans is ok but we’re still half way through! There’s work to be done to makekids colours them feel at ease, we must think about real lifesaver objects we should never forget. Pack the legendary knapsack full with toys because you’re going to need it at a wedding! At the reception there will surely be a children’s entertainer (if your friend chose a good wedding planner who took into account kids and their needs!), but it takes hours to reach that part and kids get easily bored.

Alessia listed her personal top 5: a drawing board, some small dolls or toy kiddos weddingcars, a small reading book, a colouring book + colours, and lastly the ultimate solution for the truly unruly: the Ipad. It would be good to keep it home and never take it with you but in some cases an ad hoc use might help you calm down kids racing crazily among tables and chairs.
Aside from toys, there are other basic objects: as mentioned above, a complete change of clothes, a small bottle of water or juice and some snacks. Refreshments are on their way but you must get there!

Toys and special devices help for sure keep kids busy, yet is there something else you can use to entertain them during the ceremony and the reception? Flymamy recommends to explore the location with your children so kids game weddingthat they might feel comfortable and understand right away where they can and cannot go. This goes together with some small attached behavioural rules. Such as: don’t dive in the pool, don’t touch and lick all over the buffet and things like that…
Then in turn: mom, dad, uncles, friends and allies they may now and then kids gameentertain the kids drawing with them or dancing on the dancefloor. If you’re lucky enough, find a group of very young teenagers eager to play mommies, they will be super happy to babysit your kids!
One last tip: bring the buggy! Even if they’re grown up, eventually they might want to take a nap and leave you enough free time to enjoy the ceremony and toast happily to the newlyweds!

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