5 Very Good Reasons to Get Married in Italy

It’s been a few years now since Bologna began to be an increasingly popular destination for foreign couples who wish to marry in Italy. Is it maybe because the capital of Emilia-Romagna has very little to envy to the most renowned Italian destinations? Obviously yes: history, architecture, beauty and culture dominate every view of its medieval streets; between the dazzling magnificence of Piazza Maggiore and the serene intimacy of Piazza Santo Stefano, Bologna is definitely the perfect place for those who dream of a romantic and original destination wedding.
But there’s some more, Bologna has something special and unique which is literally irresistible to those who choose it as the setting of their wedding.
Your fairies call it the 5 very good reasons to get married in Bologna!

1. Authenticity
Unlike many famous Italian cities which have become the playground of tourists hungry of clichés and souvenirs, Bologna preserves an authentic charm typical of whom doesn’t need to impress with easy tricks. One can breathe its genuine air along the arcaded streets, among the old artisan workshops of the city centre, the mysterious medieval alleys, and its imposing yet graceful squares; Bologna is as it appears, authentic and magical: who wouldn’t want such a location for their big day?

2. Taste
When you mention Bologna to an Italian, he or she will immediately think of one thing: the excellent food. From grandmothers to the coolest restaurants, all in Bologna love to eat well and cook even better. When one thinks about organising a wedding in Italy, they do it  also for the quality of food, so why not choose the Italian capital of taste?

3. Professionalism
If there is one thing of which the Bolognese are proud of it’s their proverbial professionalism. Efficient, organised, imaginative and resourceful, they are hard workers who love their job and do it well from start to finish, in every field. In the world of wedding, where the care of the most insignificant detail is required, the Bolognese are more than professionals: they are a force of nature!

4. Prices
Despite being a rich and avant-garde city, Bologna is always careful to offer high quality services to a wider audience. Fair-priced and affordable unlike other Italian cities where sometimes it feels like you have to pay for the air you breathe! In short, an Italian wedding in Italy at affordable prices: is this a dream or am I awake?

5. Heart
And finally the secret that makes every experience unforgettable: the heart of people; and Bologna has got a really huge heart! People here are friendly, amiable, helpful, warm and sincere. The Bolognese love to laugh and joke, make friends right away and are courteous and unselfish. Simply put, the perfect guests!

Of course, the qualities of the city don’t end here, this little article only served as a brief list of the ones we think are fundamental to welcome couples who have decided to live the fantastic experience of a destination wedding in Italy. Bologna will not disappoint them, in fact it will make them fall in love once again!

Wendy for the Wedding Fairies