The Most Popular Places for a Memorable Destination Wedding

Dear future brides and grooms,


Your thirst for adventure has led you to choose to celebrate your wedding abroad, that’s lovely! But now that your decision is made and that you have surprised your loved ones with the big news, you do not know where to turn for your research!Wendy & Marion_Wedding Fairies_ Wedding adventure


Well, it’s all about trying to decide which is the destination that best represents you and the kind of wedding ceremony you wish for. This post might give you some precious tips…

Wendy & Marion - Wedding Fairies - Wedding Hawaii1.“With Your Feet in the Water: Who hasn’t dreamed of a wedding on a sandy beach, lulled by the echo of the waves of a clear blue sea?
Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - destination weddingMany are the exotic destinations which offer such breathtaking scenery: you might choose among the variegated West Indies (above all Barbados and The Bahamas), the Western archipelago of Hawaii, the French Polynesia (Tahiti or Bora Bora), the Fiji Islands or the classic Indian Ocean islands (Mauritius, Reunion, the Seychelles and Zanzibar). While, for those who don’t appreciate sand, a lonely and comfortable cliff on the Ocean will do, or better some elegant sea resorts where to organise your heavenly wedding! 


Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -MoroccoWendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - matrimonio orientale2. Arabian Nights (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Iran, and Turkey): Be enchanted by the tales of Scheherazade and the ancient charm of the Arab culture!

You might celebrate your wedding under the stars of the desert, in a traditional riad or in a lush palm grove: the exotic countries of the Maghreb and the Middle East may reveal a thousand and one charming expressions of your dream wedding plus a unique spicy touch!


Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - Brazil Wedding

Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -mexico


3. Sabor Latino (Central and South America): The countries of Central and South America offer many different exclusive landscapes: whether you love the fascinating pre-Columbian civilizations of Mexico, the idea of getting married to the wild rhythm of a samba during the Rio Carnival, to the sensual notes of a passionate Argentine tango, or with a mystic ritual on the mysterious Easter Island.


Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -las vegas view4. Faites vos jeux … Las Vegas Baby!:Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -wedding A city like Las Vegas needs no introduction: whoever desires to get married there knows the charm of the city of sin, its quick weddings are well chronicled in Hollywood movies. That celebrated in Las Vegas is a wedding with no stress about papers and documents: all you need to do is be in a garish chapel of a giant casino, accompanied by an unlikely Elvis impersonator who sings Love me tender while you walk down the aisle ready to say the fateful “Yes”! If, instead of the traditional Las Vegas wedding, you happen to wish for something more original and adventurous, the Entertainment Capital of the World offers a wide range of bizarre alternatives: helicopter weddings, canyon weddings, Disney movie weddings and so forth. Las Vegas really has fun for all tastes, just make your choice, toss a pair of dice and maybe you’ll be kissed by luck!

Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -ireland5. I’m the King (and Queen) of the Castle! (Medieval and Renaissance Europe): Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - irelandAh, the old continent, enchanted symbol of love and romanticism across the world! The reasons for choosing such destination are copious! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the most important event of their life in a delightful castle in Scotland, in a Parisian hôtel particulier, in a vibrant lavender field in Provence, in a sumptuous palace in Venice or surrounded by a centuries-old Tuscan vineyard? Well, be sure that whatever is your choice, your wedding will be simply unique and memorable.


Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -destination wedding asia Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - elephant6. Zen Bliss (Asia and the Land of the Rising Sun): The Asian continent is full of relaxing destinations, ideal for an ascetic and elegant wedding characterized by simplicity, balance and the typical Eastern savoir vivre: be charmed by a blue Balinese beach, by the precious gold of a Cambodian pagoda, by a flamboyant Thai party or by the delicate pastel tones of a Japanese Zen scenery. If, as is known, Eastern philosophies are really synonymous with wisdom, calm and serenity, well then your special day will inaugurate an everlasting journey of love together!

Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -destination wedding londraWendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -wedding in paris


7. Cosmopolitan Skyline” (New York, Paris, London, Milan, San Francisco, Berlin, Miami & CO.): All these great Western metropolises have a remarkable reputation which might make your wedding super cool for sure, whatever setting you choose. What about saying yes on the top of the Empire State Building, on a bateau mouche crossing the Seine with Notre-Dame in the background or maybe you prefer a bohemian wedding in East Berlin?



Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - rome weddingWendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies --greek-destination-wedding
8.Journey through the Cradle of Civilization (Greece, Italy, Turkey and Lebanon): If as the Romantic poets you think there isn’t a more exciting scenery than ancient Greek and Roman ruins, then we suggest the Mediterranean which abounds in places suitable for your historical taste: from the celebrated archaeological sites of the Greek Islands to the Middle Eastern charm of Lebanon; from the mysterious Turkey and its intricate souqs to the timeless Italy which never ceases to offer unique and attractive landscapes for an unforgettable destination wedding.

Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -mountains


9.“On the Top of the World: If you need to take some fresh air to find the energy to cross the fateful threshold, here are some of the highest destinations for a wedding certainly “above” the others! The Andes, the Kilimanjaro, the Himalayas, the Atlas, the Mount Caucasus: if you plan to reach the top of these giants, be prepared, your wedding will be quite a long climb!



Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - prague


10. Mitteleuropean Charm (Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia): Surprise your loved ones with these new and original destinations! Central Europe offers different unique settings for weddings rich in history and culture: you may tie the knot to the sound of a Viennese waltz, under the astronomical clock of Prague’s Old Town, or on the Banks of the Danube in Budapest. Your destination wedding will not only be original but also unforgettably romantic.



Keep in mind that you cannot get married everywhere with a civil ceremony; each country has a number of internal regulations and agreements with others, so it’s highly probable that you will have to fulfil some specific paperwork. Moreover, civil marriages celebrated abroad are not always recognized as legal in one’s country of residence, it is therefore necessary to be well informed before leaving. A viable solution is that of getting married at Embassies and Consulates of one’s country. If you have decided for a religious service, it all depends on your confession but basically you will still need to follow some administrative regulations.


Wendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies -lavenderTWendy _ Marion- Wedding Fairies - venice d.weddinghe destination of your dreams does not allow you to get married either civilly or religiously? Do not despair! Your ace up the sleeve may be a wonderful symbolic ritual that you can arrange just about anywhere! That was a narrow escape, huh?

So, what are you waiting for, pack and just leave!

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