Why Choose a Wedding Planner?

Dear Soon-to-be-weds,

You have finally decided to take the plunge and get married, so it’s no surprise that you may have started dreaming about your big day by now!

Whether you desire a grand or intimate wedding, set on a beach or in the countryside, vintage or shabby chic, hosting a gipsy concert or a metal singer, featuring fire eaters and a trained bear or parachute jumping … If you’re thinking of wacky ideas like these or simply wish for a quiet traditional ceremony, whatever suits you best there is an imperative professional figure you want to meet: your Wedding Planner.

If you are not convinced yet, here are some of the main reasons for choosing to rely on a WP:

  1. You desire a unique wedding, with no platitudes or trite details disegni-allestimenti-wedding-planner

You want to prevent your marriage resembling your cousin Cynthia’s conventional one, nor your friend Paul’s really kitsch one. Your WP constantly keeps up-to-date with the latest trends and fashions and (if he/she is as great as your Fairies) will create new designs just for you.

  1. You want to look relaxed and peaceful on your big day, the corpse bride will never be fashionable!


A wedding takes months to organise, time that you should ‘steal’ from your moments of leisure. Gym classes, romantic weekends, aperitifs with friends, all these pleasant activities would be put off indeterminately. Chats during coffee breaks? Forget about it! You have to call the location, the floral designer, the beautician … they too, at some point, will close the shop and go home!

Moreover, do you really want to deal with your Mother-in-law’s remarks about ‘Old Rose’ or the bridesmaids’ complaints as they help prepare the Wedding Favours?

Your WP makes sure you get to your marriage as fresh as a daisy, by coordinating phone calls with suppliers and by managing all the key elements that a successful marriage requires. You only need to decide between the various proposals designed for you and the golden hands of your Fairies will do the rest.

  1. You want to be free from having to deal with unexpected accidents and set-backs on your W-Day


Here’s our favourite part.

Over the course of your wonderful day you may have to cope with so many annoying mishaps you won’t even remember your own name: from the rented car not showing up, your friend Martina’s last-minute message asking if she can bring her “Plus One” (“Couldn’t she have thought about this before?”), your cousin Mark’s desperate calls about time and place of the celebration (“What’s the point in sending wedding invitations, then?”), the photographer with no regard for the schedule, your hair-do barely holding in place (“This bloody heat!”), the little Gaia feeling sick in the church (“Where’s my uncle doctor? Where is he? Ok, a vet, a vet will do!”) until… “Oh no, these can’t be raindrops!”

Don’t panic! As skilful as a Ninja, Your WP manages everything, even the unthinkable, whilst you just get on and enjoy the party. Only on your return from your honeymoon will you be told about the risks you might have run!

  1. You want to cut down the costs and still get the best
    Wendy & Marion - Wedding Fairies - tableau

Oh yes, who would have thought that hiring a WP can make you save money? Well, they know the most cost-effective suppliers, have special agreements with them, and, most of all, know how to keep a budget because “Needless to say, that Valentino is gorgeous but it would cost more than the entire wedding, my dear!”

Finally, you will be nice and fresh and will escape problems and nuisances by delegating the whole management of your wedding to a single trustworthy pair of hands!

Now, here comes an equally imperative issue: how to choose Your WP?


Knowing a friend who has recently got married and who can advise you on the matter is always a good way to start. Or else, you can surf the Internet, browse profiles of the various wedding planners on the market and choose to contact for an appointment those that impress you the most.

Our golden rule is: if you get a good feeling, then you have found your perfect WP! So, what are you waiting for, give us a call!

Marion for Wedding Fairies

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