Why Marry Abroad? Because the World is a Big Weddingland!

Dear Brides and Grooms,

Has your dream always been to marry in that ancient Romanesque church a few kilometres from your birthplace and close to that pretty organic farm surrounded by centuries-old olive trees?


This post is not for you.destination wedding wedding favours

Neither is it for those of you who already know will get married in the sumptuous cathedral of their own city and will throw their wedding party on the roof garden of the coolest downtown hotel.

This post is instead dedicated to two specific categories of people: the Cosmopolitan and the Bold. Yes, because when you decide to get married abroad ― wedding planners call it Destination Wedding ― you usually do it for two main reasons: necessity or choice.

destination wedding say yesIn the first case the explanation is simple: It is commonplace for the wedding of a foreign bride to take place in the country of her origin; as tradition has it, that this will preserve or strengthen the maternal bond with the birth-land.

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Of course there are exceptions to this “unwritten rule”; for example, you may decide to get married in your future husband’s country of origin for reasons of convenience: you both live there, his family is bigger than yours (especially if “he” is Italian!) and you already have contacts or ideas for the location.

While, for those who willingly choose to get married abroad, first allow us to congratulate you on your bravery: you really have guts! Getting married is already an adventure, doing it in a foreign land could become a truly memorable accomplishment!

If we delve deeper into the matter, however, apart from the audacious spirit of some couples we discover several advantages that national locations cannot always offer.

destination wedding pars

Let us examine them together:

Setting: Whether you swear eternal love on an exotic beach or in the main square of a romantic European capital, by choosing an international destination you will allow yourself to have an unforgettable setting, thanks to its inimitability and exclusiveness. Basically, it could be one of those rare occasions when dreams come true.
destination wedding venice

Intimacy: you want your wedding day to be the deepest and most intimate moment in your life? Well, imagine yourselves alone on a desert island, far from everything and everyone, without concerns about the banquet, the guests, the photos, the flowers, etc … but only the two of you, and behind your shoulders a breathtaking view as unique scenery for the most exciting time of your life. Somebody would say, priceless.
destination wedding lake

Cost: It could sound like a contradiction but today many couples evaluate the opportunity of a marriage abroad because, among other things, it would allow a smaller budget than a traditional wedding. Just think about the fact that you would have less guests (only parents, relatives and some really close friends), or even none, thus cutting down main costs. How to celebrate your wedding while on vacation!

Privacy: A ceremony outside your national boundaries has the advantage of guaranteeing extreme confidentiality, especially with regards to red tape fulfilments that would be performed without too much publicity. This option could be particularly appreciated by those couples who choose to marry without a trumpet blast after many years of living together or for those who already had a previous marriage. Password: low profile.

destination wedding rome

In conclusion, getting married abroad is certainly not a reckless action full of pitfalls, rather it is an innovative solution that combines specific needs with the desire to escape daily routine on your very special day.

For couples who don’t want or can’t give up traditional marriage in their homeland but still want to celebrate with an unusual and creative event, there’s good news!

It’s been several years since the trend called celebration ceremony was inaugurated. In layman’s terms, it is a purely symbolic ritual with no effective formal value which is performed to celebrate the exchange of vows in an exotic and extravagant frame, often during honeymoons or other significant anniversaries.

So, dear sweethearts, arm yourselves with courage and leave!
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