All About Shortlisting Wedding Venues For Your Big Day!

Wedding planning is a gigantic task in itself, and it’s not surprising that many couples prefer to hire planners for the job. Even then, there are certain aspects that require personal attention, and one of those is the venue. When it comes to shortlisting wedding venues, you need to consider right aspects. Some known venues, like Le Crystal in Montreal, are known for offering a comprehensive package with catering, so that’s an advantage of sorts. With that, here are the other things that need attention.

Figure out your requirements

Some people like the idea of a banquet hall, where they can have a private, intimate wedding, while other couples are fond of open spaces. While this is a matter of personal choice, we recommend that you figure out the kind of wedding function you want, which helps in finding places that may work for the day.

Start with a rough budget

There is always a price tag that you may want to pay at the maximum, and that’s your budget. It is never a bad idea to pay a tad more for certain venues, but having a budget just makes simpler to shortlist choices.

Understand your guest list

If you have people who would be coming from other cities and locations, you may need to find a venue that’s close to hotels nearby. In fact, the location is one of the foremost aspects that needs attention. You want the venue to be accessible in the first place. Secondly, check how many guests you would like to invite, because the venue needs to have space for all of them.

Think of catering in advance

As we mentioned earlier, some venues do offer catering, and they can tweak and customize their menus for you, which is a big plus, because you don’t need to hire a caterer separately. While that is important, you may also want to check if they can provide enough servers and waiters for your guests, so that all tables are attended well.

Book in advance

Shortlisting venues should start at least two to three months ahead of the event. Wedding venues are often booked months in advance, and you don’t want to find the perfect place, only to find that it’s not available anymore. Many venues are also used for corporate events, and therefore, weekends are typically busy. We highly suggest that you get the booking done beforehand.

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